Boris Johnson
Ex Burgemeester van Londen
Geboren: VS 1964
Kinderen: 4
  • Jaar: € 161,144.00
  • Maand: € 13,429.00
  • Week: € 3,099.00
  • Dag: € 441.00
Guardian July 2016: Appointed as UK's foreign secretary Johnson gave up his Daily Telegraph column, meaning giving up an annual salary of £275,000. He will receive £143,789 (combing his salary of £74,962 as MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip with his ministerial salary of £68,827.
According to Mayor of London - £145,350 (the Mayor forewent the cost of living award for 2009/10 and so his remuneration is currently £143,911).
DailyMail May 2014:
Mr Johnson pockets £250,000 a year for his weekly column in The Daily Telegraph.
Guardian, Sept.14th 2010: The mayor of London, Boris Johnson, today faced calls to apologize for his "out of touch" comment that his £250,000 earnings for writing a weekly Telegraph column were "chicken feed".
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Update: 2016-7
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